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“Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic". Ilon Musk


Help fulfill the dream of flight for millions of people worldwide in the safest way possible
Recovery perception, brain and body function with air fly technology
Сontribute to making wind tunnel flights an Olympic sport
Promote the creation of wind tunnels in every city of the planet
Help everyone rediscover the blissful state of thoughtlessness reminiscent of childhood, flying transforms into an act of active meditation
Connect people who had experience in flights and want to share their experience, and create new projects


Invest in compact tunnels around the world


Open a compact wind tunnels in Your city or any place around the world. Step by Step


Share your vision and create amazing projects for community


Get your dream job. CEO, instructor, marketer, and many others.

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Our Team

Our mission is to make wind tunnel launching as easy and fun as installing an app on your phone. That will allow thousands of wind tunnels to be distributed around the world.

Viktor Kozlov
• 100+ hours of personal flight time in compact and medium wind tunnels. It gave me an understanding of the potential of this format. For sports, entertainment, business, rehabilitation, military training, etc. • Experience as an instructor, marketer. • Ex CEO of wind tunnel manufacturing company. • Wind tunnel launch consultant. This experience allowed me to meet hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world, see their problems and create solutions. At the moment, the role of consultant is my key role.
Inna Beregoy
Editor of Justfly.Tech
Organizer of major cultural international projects with the attraction of foreign investment-Included in the top 10 women who are changing the history of country (according to UNWomen). • Actively works with the city hall, the Swedish Embassy- Represents the country internationally in the field of mural art, founder of her unique style. • Skydiver/wingsuit pilot/ base jumper. • Founder of the platform for the development of urban culture- Experience in managing team projects-About 50,000 participants in organized events.
Pavel Brezdenuk
Founder and CEO of indoor skydiving compact tunnels «FlyHab»
Pavel is an example of an entrepreneur who launched a wind tunnel in his city in 5 months. In the concept discussed in this PDF Guide. • Made a profit of $50,000+ 😃 on pre-sales of certificates and flight time (until the actual launch of the wind tunnel). • And $100,000+ at the first New Year's launch Pavel worked as a financial director in a large company for more than 15 years.
Margarita Naumova
Community Manager
Strategic Business Development Manager with nearly a decade of experience driving business growth, building strong customer relationships, and guiding ventures to success. Works on international projects, collaborating with different institutions and companies worldwide, giving a deep understanding of the global business scene. As a member of international organization Women in Tech, helps women to close the gander gap and embrace technology . Beyond the corporate world, Margarita is a paragliding and wind tunnel pilot, and is involved in various sport activities. Committed to uniting the wind tunnel community, she passionately connects individuals with shared interests, helping them pursue their dreams.


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Our community

We are a team of passionate people dedicated to the world of flight. We help entrepreneurs launch and promote wind tunnel projects worldwide. Our team consists of investors, wind tunnel manufacturers, IT specialists, marketers, and flyers. We stay abreast of trends and understand the wind tunnel market, focusing on projects with the highest global potential, numbering 5000+. These projects typically have a diameter of 2.2-3 meters and a payback period of 1.5-3 years. The founder of the project is Victor Kozlov, a Guinness World Record holder for the longest flight in a wind tunnel.» 

About website

This project exists in order to accelerate the development of the wind tunnel industry and the rehabilitation of diseases in wind tunnels. And to give every person on the planet the opportunity to feel the state of flight and fulfill their dream.

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