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Several years ago, we conducted a comprehensive study among individuals seeking investors or sponsors for their projects.

Do you know what the main issue we discovered was?

More than 95% of people do not have any kind of presentation at all. We’ve created several solutions to address this problem.

  1. On our Shutterstock account here, the largest legal photo bank, we have uploaded more than 9200 photos and images on the topic of wind tunnel flights and skydiving. This is the largest specialized account in the world on this subject. People from numerous countries have used this content in presentations, websites, videos, magazine covers, and advertising banners over 7000 times. We even see trends in advance. For example, some time ago, purchases began to come from Saudi Arabia. What does this indicate? It shows that people there are working on launching a wind tunnel project. Later, in a conversation with one of the leaders of companies that manufacture wind tunnels, I learned that they are indeed building a project there. Photos and images will greatly ease your work on the presentation and save you a lot of time and money.
  2. If you need a turnkey presentation or a presentation template, we can help you with that as well. The key is that a presentation is a vision of the result. We help you reflect exactly the vision that will be realized in practice and will be successful, not just make a presentation.

If you need a turnkey presentation or a presentation template, fill out the form here.