The reabilitation throught a wind tunnel flow

Hello everyone!

I am Anna Mirkina from the city of Tyumen, Russia. I am the professional athlete in a wheelchair ballroom dance sport. In my ordinary life I walk on two elbow crutches and I have orthopedic disability.
Here at the platform I am going to be responsible for the section of the alternative method of rehabilitation through a wind tunnel flow. Today in the city of mine in our Tyumen wind tunnel the name of it FlyFamily we together with my tunnel instructor already do the social projects for people with disabilities with orthopedic disorders. In our first group we have 10 adults over 18 years old with the very same diagnosis – children cerebral palsy, the same type. We successfully work today with the professor from the department of reabilitation and medical health care in Tyumen State Medical University and all our research we do officially fix. We already see the positive effect of the flow on our students flyers in the wind tunnel. There are the results the coordination becomes better, diseases of the muscle tone, the better bending of joints (knees/elbows). This is how the flow works.

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