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The new method of reabilitation throught the flow of a wind tunnel

The reabilitation throught a wind tunnel flow Hello everyone!I am Anna Mirkina from the city of Tyumen, Russia. I am the professional athlete in a wheelchair ballroom dance sport. In my ordinary life I walk on two elbow crutches and I have orthopedic disability.Here at the platform I am ...
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Soaring Dreams: The Journey of in Accelerating Indoor Skydiving Worldwide

Hello friends!In the exhilarating world of indoor skydiving, where gravity meets boundless joy, we find the heart of This project, is on a mission to propel the development of indoor skydiving across the globe. Join us as we unravel the profound impact of this venture and explore why each ...
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Key Action for Seeking Investments in the Wind Tunnel Business

Good day! Several years ago, we conducted a comprehensive study among individuals seeking investors or sponsors for their projects. Do you know what the main issue we discovered was? More than 95% of people do not have any kind of presentation at all. We’ve created several solutions to address this ...
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Key Mistake When Seeking Investors for Wind Tunnel Launch

A few years ago, we conducted an extensive survey among individuals seeking investors or sponsors for their projects. Do you know what the primary issue we discovered was? Over 95% of people did not have any presentation at all. We’ve developed several solutions to address this issue: Feel free to ...
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Help fulfill the dream of flight for millions of people worldwide in the safest way possible.
Recovery perception, brain and body function with air fly technology
Сontribute to making wind tunnel flying an Olympic sport
Promote the establishment of wind tunnels in every city on the planet
Help everyone reconnect with the blissful state of thoughtlessness, reminiscent of childhood. Flight is an active meditation
Connect individuals who have experienced flight and want to share their experiences, creating new projects


Invest in compact tunnels around the world


Open a compact wind tunnels in Your city or any place around the world. Step by Step


Share your vision and create amazing projects for community


Get your dream job. CEO, instructor, marketer, and more.

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This project exists in order to accelerate the development of the wind tunnel industry and the rehabilitation of diseases in wind tunnels. And to give every person on the planet the opportunity to feel the state of flight and fulfill their dream.

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