PDF Guide “Best wind tunnel concept for business”

Perhaps you have already thought about opening a wind tunnel, but are afraid that:

  • You do not have a business plan with a track record, you do not know how quickly the wind tunnel will pay off and begin to make profit;
  • You do not understand issues related to the selection of equipment;
  • You have heard that the threshold for entering this business is $ 7-10 million, but you do not know about the existence of year-round wind tunnels worth $ 1-2 million (the final price of the complex);
  • You do not have the necessary funds to open a wind tunnel and there are no investors who could finance the launch of wind tunnel business.

I understand that there are thousands of people around the world who want to launch their wind tunnels, but do not understand where to start and are unfamiliar with the format of compact wind tunnels. Perhaps you are one of these people and are facing many similar questions.

My name is Viktor Kozlov

I’m World Guinness record Holder(longest indoor freefall). Founder of  «Just Fly»

Expert in compact and medium wind tunnels.

About my experience: 

Key competence: Сconsulting “How to start and monetize a wind tunnel business”

Now I am helping investors and entrepreneurs,  to launch projects based on year-round wind tunnels with a diameter of 2.2-3.2 m., which are called “Compact Projects” which earn about $ 400,000 a year.

•100+ hours of personal flight time in compact and medium wind tunnels. It gave me an understanding of the potential of this format. For sports, entertainment, business, rehabilitation, military training, etc.

•Experience as an instructor. This made it possible to understand the needs of each of the target audiences. And project parameters that can meet these needs.

•Marketer. This allowed me to see the level of demand for this topic. And also how to effectively sell this service in different conditions.

•Ex CEO of wind tunnel manufacturing company. This experience allowed me to see the nuances of different wind tunnel concepts.

•Wind tunnel launch consultant. This experience allowed me to meet hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world, see their problems and create solutions. This guide is one of the solutions. At the moment, the role of consultant is my key role.


 1. At the first step, we help to form the project concept and financial model. 

 2. At the second step, we help to attract investments for the implementation of the project. 

•Big goal: I want to be involved in the launch of 1000+ wind tunnels around the world